Being 1600 km tall Sweden ranges from fields and beech forest in the far south, via a vast managed forest landscape, to mountains and tundra in the north. The history of landscape use is thousands of years in the south, but short in the north. In southern Sweden most of the land is owned by family farms, in the middle large parts are owned by forest companies, and in the northwest the Swedish State owns the land. The pattern of land ownership has important consequences for the governance of a local landscape.

Bergslagen is Sweden's historic mining region, the industries of which provided national wealth from the Medieval far into the late 20th century. Today a wide range of actors and projects try do develop local entrepreneurship and the use of a broader range of goods, services and values than used in past landscapes. The local Foundation Säfsen Forests and regional Sustainable Bergslagen are initiatives that highlight novel approaches towards sustainable landscapes.
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Kristianstads vattenrike
Kristianstads Vattenrike ("the rich wetlands of Kristianstad") includes not only the catchment area of the River Helge å in the Municipality of Kristianstad, but also the coastal stretches of the Baltic Sea. The objective of the Kristianstads Vattenrike is to preserve and develop the ecological values and cultural heritage of the area, while at the same time making careful and sustainable use of them.
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Vilhelmina Model Forest
Located in SW Lapland in Swedens' NW Vilhelmina is a municipality with "big sky" mountains, forests, mires, rivers and lakes. Starting in the early 1990s attempts to develop tools to support planning for sustainable development based on natural resources began. One result was the creation of the Vilhelmina Model Forest in 2004. Another was the landscape approach in the mountain region valley Kultsjön.
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