Robert enjoy a sunny afternoon at Lake Kvarnsjön just outside his hometown Arboga.

My research aims to be transdisciplinary and focuses on landscape approach as a tool for sustainable development, including conservation, rural development and human wellbeing. Today we are in a transition from traditional use of the forest landscape to a more diverse usage. The trend is that people move to larger cities and that the countryside is slowly dying. Traditional landuses does not provide as many jobs as before. Hence there is a need to develop both traditional business sectors and new ones. This means that there is a need to develop a holistic view on landscapes coupled human and natural systems, with all different uses of products, services and values included. This requires an developed collaboration among local to international level stakeholders. To make my research meaningful and socially robust I aim to develop collaboraton with other researchers and practicioners locally in my home area Bergslagen- Mälardalen, nationally and internationally.

In addition to my research and building on it I can support development and change processes as a facilitator. To support well informed desicions, I can together with colleagues provide comprehensive landscape sustainability assessments.

As a researcher at the Swedish Agricultural University

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