History of Euroscapes

Supporting sustainable development as a process and sustainability as a goal is about knowledge production and communication among people representing sectors at multiple levels from local to global. In this sense applied research and journalism are closely related. This is precisely what Per Angelstam and Malcolm Dixelius immediately agreed on when they met at the short of the upper Pechora river in the Russian Federation’s Komi Republic in September 1992.

Having worked in Europe’s East and West another 14 years since the first meeting, and made TV-films about forest landscapes in 1998 and often talked about how to join to produce and communicate knowledge, the idea of Euroscapes came about in July 2006 on the Nämdö island in the Stockholm archipelago. Research design and a good story told in media both require clarity. Being fascinated by Europe as a wonderfully diverse continent in terms of nature and culture (Euro…) and people’s entrepreneurship and ability to shape landscape (…scapes), the obvious name for what we felt was need became Euroscapes. Johan Angelstam was quick to book the web site www.euroscapes.org.