Four Euroscapers during a meeting in July 2011. From left to right Robert Axelsson, Per Angelstam, Valery Gorchakov  and Malcolm Dixelius.

Contact Euroscapes

Our vision is to develop a hub for knowledge production and learning that will be a resource for sustainable development toward sustainability of natural resource use. Today we are in the development stage, which means that good procedures for all parts of has not yet been developed. During this stage we produce many of the texts, pictures and videos ourselves. If you like to become a part of the Euroscapes network and contribute to our vision, please let us know and we will find a way to proceed. In the future our intention is to find a solution were many can contribute and the Euroscape community will edit, assure the quality and publish the information.

To join Euroscapes please contact us:

Per Angelstam, professor (ecology, forest and natural resource management)

Robert Axelsson, researcher (stakeholder collaboration, rural development), more info

Malcolm Dixelius, journalist and TV producer

Marine Elbakidze, associate professor (landscape ecology, management of forest resources)

Valery Gorchakov, photographer and TV-cameraman

Ihor Soloviy, associate professor (forest policy)

Johan Törnblom, researcher (watershed management, river restoration)