What is Euroscapes?

Euroscapes is a network that supports sharing and production of knowledge for sustainable landscapes. Sustainability is about satisfying cultural, economic, ecological and social needs of people in a geographical area. This requires understanding of social and ecological systems, or simply landscapes. Our vision is that people from different places who develop new practices will present their experiences or projects and share their knowledge by making publications about their results using different kinds of media. This web site is one forum.

To encourage a diversity of places, practices, projects and publications we focus on knowledge for sustainable landscapes from the European continent's East and West. From the Ural Mountains and Caucasus to the Atlantic Ocean.

The word landscape has it's roots from people's ability to shape their future using the land. With increasing pressure on landscapes it is important to share existing local and regional knowledge!

Join Euroscapes!!! Together we can share and produce knowledge for sustainable landscapes.